Services, Programs and Parks for All of Davis

  • Measure D is essential to renew until we find sustainable and stable long-term revenues which will support our current and planned service levels.
  • Measure D will cost less than $1 per week. This is a renewal of an existing parcel tax; it is not a tax increase.
  • Measure D is accountable to Davis voters. Measure D will sunset in four years or sooner when long term revenue sources are enacted.
  • The City of Davis has one of the lowest police, fire and staffing levels for a city of its size anywehere in the state. Davis spends less per capita than comparable cities to provide our municipal services.
  • If Measure D fails to gain a two-thirds majority vote, the city will lose $1.3 million in current funds. This will add significantly to our city's budget problems. Cuts will likely be made across the board with reductions in police and fire protection, the senior center, youth sports and recreation, art programs, as well as park maintenance, pool programs and hours, street tree maintenance and greenbelts.
To view the budget options, go to the City of Davis' web page.
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Kevin Wolf, Treasurer - ID#1242016
For more information about and to help with Measure D, call Stephen Souza at 530-758-2964.

It's Not Just Parks and Trees --- It's Programs and Services Too!

Vote Yes on Measure D! Who will be affected?

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