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Ceramic Tiles

My tiles are one of a kind. They are hand pressed from my own low-relief molds, hand painted with underglazes, glazed with a glossy or matte finish, and fired to cone 5. As each is slightly different, they are not interchangeable, so I number them.

My prices are approximately $1 per square inch of tile surface. Solid-color tiles are 20¢ per square inch. Standard sizes are 4″x4″, 6″x6″, 8″x8″, and any combination of those dimensions. Non-standard tiles are also available. Check back monthly for new tiles.

Please contact me by email, phone, or regular postal mail (see contact information).

Sample Tiles
($36 each)
(click for larger image)

Standing Nude, tile 1 Dragonfly 1, tile 1 Sitting Nude, tile 1 Dragonfly 2, tile 1
Standing Nude #1
Dragonfly Top #1
6.75"x4.5" SOLD
Sitting Nude #1
6"x6" SOLD
Dragonfly Front #1
6"x6" SOLD

Sitting Nude, tile 2 Dragonfly 1, tile 2 Standing Nude, tile 2
Sitting Nude #2
Dragonfly Top #2
6.75"x4.5" SOLD
Standing Nude #2
6"x6" SOLD

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