Davis Little League players and families,

Over the past few years many Davis Little Leaguers have been engaged in a pen pal relationship with members of a Sens, France Baseball Club. Their teacher, Laurent Carpentier, had started the Baseball Club and pen pal program as a way to encourage his students in their English language studies.  Many Davis Little Leaguers are participating in this project.

Sens is about an hour train ride southeast of Paris.

Sens Map

Well now, Laurent and his Team, the Sens Dodgers, have invited Davis Little Leaguers to come visit them during the Summer in 2010!  See the following for more information.


The Sens Dodgers have planned a full schedule for their visitors:


Day 1

Sunday, June 13th

Arrival at Paris Airport. Arrangements for transportation to Sens and your lodgings will be made.


 Sens Hotel


Day 2

Monday, June 14th

In the morning you’ll all be welcomed at the Sens Dodgers Baseball Club’s school by their principal.


You’ll meet the Dodgers, the local youth baseball team.  Afterwards you’ll go to their “baseball field” (which is a football field actually...) for your very first training session together.  

Sens School

Then in the afternoon, you’ll visit Nature Adventures, which has been described as “Indiana Jones and Tarzan meet the Ewoks!”

 Nature Adventure


 On our way back to Sens, you’ll stop for a group dinner at a typical Burgundian inn.




 Day 3

Tuesday, June 15th

You’ll go Troyes. A beautiful city not very far from Sens, Troyes shows great examples of what France looked like in the middle ages.



The Troyes Baseball Club will give us a tour of the city in English in the morning, and the afternoon will be dedicated to baseball with the local team.


Day 4

Wednesday, June 16th

You’ll spend the whole Day in Paris, touring the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Champs-Elysées. The big thing!



Day 5

Thursday, June 17th

You’ll be free to spend a whole day on your own.


Day 6

Friday, June 18th

Another morning of baseball with the Sens Dodgers.  You’ll mix teams and follow an example of a “typical” American practice session.

In the afternoon, you’ll go to Guedelon, a castle being built with medieval tools and techniques.



You can watch this video for more information Guedelon Video


Day 7

Saturday, June 19th

In the morning you’ll tour host’s town, Sens. You’ll see the city centre, the market place and the covered market among other sights.




 Town of Sens

In the afternoon, you’ll have a friendly game of baseball with the Sens Dodgers before their families and the town officials.

In the evening, the Sens Dodgers will host a goodbye dinner in your honor.


Day 8

Sunday, June 20th

Arrangements for the rest of your European vacation or your return to Davis will be made!

Of course this itinerary is still subject to change, but the cost for the trip, not including airfare and meals will be about $500.

Sign up soon for this event as only 12 players (and their families) will be able to participate.  This will be a first paid, first served opportunity.


Contact Tom Locker dll.france@gmail.com 753-1676 for more information.


The Sens Dodgers and Davis LL are planning to make this cultural exchange an annual event, and arrangements are already being made for the Sens players and their families to visit Davis in the Spring or Summer of 2011.