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English Editions:
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Sept 26, 2005
Sept 19, 2005

Sept 12, 2005
Sept 5, 2005

El Noticiero is available on-line both as a document on this website, and via the El Noticiero mailing list.  The file format is Adobe Acrobat, which is a document format which can be viewed using the free Acrobat Reader..  (Click here to get  free Adobe PDF file reader).  The list will only be used for distributing El Noticiero, and is not open to general posting by subscribers.  It usually produces only two emails per week--one each for the English and Spanish editions.  (Due to translation, the Spanish edition generally lags behind the English by 1-3 days.)

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Spanish Editions:
(PDF format)

26 Sept. 2005
19 Sept. 2005
12 Sept. 2005
5 Sept. 2005



Current Status: (updated 1/31/06)

  • (1/31/06) Past issues stopped being posted here in October to avoid duplicating work with the SIPAT-"owned" school website.  With the advent of the school-district sponsored school website, the SIPAT-owned site is being retired and the past issues will again (soon) be posted here. (perhaps only recent ones)
  • Email list subscriptions may be initiated at any time by at  the list server's web interface at http://www2.dcn.org/mailman/listinfo/cce-news.