The Davis Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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the City of Davis Alternative Fuel Vehicle Task Force (DAFVTF)

The City of Davis Alternative Vehicle Task Force represents the alternative fuel vehicle owners and advocates, the business community and interested members of the community. The goal of DAFVTF is to provide information or recommendations to increase the availability and use of alternative vehicles in Davis to make Davis the "alternative vehicle capitol of the world".

There are many vehicles entering the market in 2002, many of which are available for consumers to ride, rent or purchase locally. Much of this market launch is the result of a state mandate that requires 10% of vehicle sales in California to be zero emission vehicles by 2003.

This website has many resources for the Davisite who is interested in alternative fuel vehicles. Visit the upcoming events link for information on where you can get up close to some of these environmentally responsible vehicles. If you still have quesions after browsing the DAFVTF site, please check out the links page for more information.

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