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Calendar of Local Men's Events


..........The 2004 Annual Gathering of Men..........



Friday, May 14 & Saturday, May 15, 2004

Why do men often find themselves isolated within their own community? As men, we often discover that true friendship can be as elusive as a lost treasure. We know it is out there, …. we just don’t have a map. The annual Gathering of Men brings men of all ages and lifestyles together in one place to share their experiences and to develop new and old friendships. This year’s focus is on friendship, what it is, how we find it, and how it can grow. This is an opportunity to learn more about men’s support groups, and possibly form your own group by the end of the workshop.

AN INTRODUCTORY EVENING - Friday, May 14th, from 7:00 to 9:30pm.

Family members are invited to learn about local men’s support groups and the Davis Men’s Council. Bring your wife, girlfriend, partner, and older children. Our families are our foundation, this evening we will honor them, and introduce them to what our work involves. No Charge.

A DAY OF EXPLORATION - Saturday, May 15th, from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Bob Petersen of “The Mankind Project” presents our workshop this year. A certified leader in MKP, he also co-founded the Inner Circle Foundation which leads men’s groups inside Folsom Prison. MKP is the largest organized men’s support groups in America. Work will be done in both small and large groups. This will be a great introduction to the men’s movement.

Doug Von Koss will lead us through ritual and musical exploration using a blend of chant, movement, and poetry. Doug is the Artistic Director of “The Noah Project”, a men’s performance group in the Bay Area. He draws from many world traditions to create a glorious mosaic that is above all else, a celebration of the human spirit.


We are making a gigantic stew, so bring a vegetable of your choice and/or a loaf of bread. If you have them, drums are welcome.
Most importantly, bring a FRIEND!


Unitarian Church of Davis.
27074 Patwin Road in Davis
From Hwy 113, go west approximately 1 mile on Russell Blvd, turn left on Patwin


Rick: 530-400-6114, or rick007@peoplepc.com
Brian: 530-758-7525, or acubri@yahoo.com
Bob: rbmiller@ucdavis.edu

COST: A donation of twenty dollars is suggested.

The Davis Men’s Council is not affiliated with the Unitarian Church.



The Fourteenth Annual Redwood Men’s Center
Camp Gualala Gathering of Men
Camp Gualala, California
Friday, May 28 through Monday May 31, 2004

Desires and Differences

Healing the Breach
Between Men and Women

"Love is not need and it is not dependence.
I see love as two mature people walking
parallel paths, profoundly respecting the
essence of the other, honoring the differences
in each other and giving each other space
to develop their own uniqueness."

Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst,
author, Leaving My Father's House

We encounter women, this other half of the human race, every day in ways that complement and violate each other. While embracing our love, respect, and gratitude for women, we men, whatever our sexual orientation, also need to address the challenging and disturbing aspects of our relationships with women.

After all, they are intimately and intricately involved in both our deepest pain and our highest inspirations. We seek their approval and fear their rejection. We admire their wisdom, yet too often seek to control their expression of it. Our lives are woven through connections with women in varying degrees of intimacy, some rich and varying degrees of intimacy, some rich and fulfilling, others awkward and even tortured. Being out of balance with the women in our lives, as well as with the Feminine in ourselves, might just be the root disturbance which throws all else out of balance.

This three day conference will focus on our relationships with women — whether mother, sister, daughter, friend, mate, lover, or muse. Let us risk gathering in a community of men to find strength, inspiration and direction as we explore this issue through honest talk, open hearts, grief, celebration, story, ritual, art, music and movement.

Our collective wisdom will help us find the healing and freedom which we need, and which, just as importantly, the women in our lives long for with us.
Our beleaguered world compels us to do this radical work in our own backyard for global change.

Registration includes lodging, all meals and all conference activities. A price reduction is offered to those who register early, or for group registration. There are limited scholarships available to those unable to attend without assistance.

Open to Men of all cultures, ages and sexual orientations. Space is limited.

Call (707) 823-3601 for details.

The Redwood Men's Center recognizes the need for men to come together in community to express and explore ideas which restore wholeness to outselves and Soul to the world. As healing professionals and men of service, RMC moves beyond the limits of traditional psychology with its exclusive focus on ego concerns, by embracing the deeper needs of Soul through mythos and ritual. They provide a container in which to heal the wounds that result from our lost connection with Soul and support men in bringing this healing back to their communities.

Camp Gualala is a beautiful secluded site nestled among ancient redwoods on the clear Gualala River two and a half hours north of San Fransicso. The conference includes three nights lodging in rustic cabins, nine delicious meals and all conference materials. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available-