Davis Friends Meeting
Davis Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends — 345 "L" Street, Davis CA 95616 — 530-758-8492
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Davis Friends Meeting is an un-programmed Quaker Meeting -- we gather in silence to worship; verbal ministry only happens if one of us is led to speak at that time. Although our worship is un-programmed, we do have set times to start (10:00 am Firstday [Sunday]) and some regularly scheduled events (Monthly Meeting on the second Firstday of each month) and some habitual activities (singing from 9:45-9:55 before Meeting for Worship; shaking hands to mark the end of a meeting).

Davis Friends Meetinghouse.
Our Meetinghouse is at the corner of Fourth and L Streets in downtown Davis, 13 miles west of California's capital of Sacramento. Here is a map and directions. We hope you can visit us. To reach a real person at Davis Friends Meeting, listen to the message at 530-758-8492 for current contact names and phone numbers.
Our Quaker resource page includes links to a number of websites for various Friends Meetings and other Quaker organizations.

   As of June 2015.
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