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  This is Lamppost in Davis, CA.
Visit Us at 1260 LAKE BLVD. * 758-1111

For those with a taste for great Pizza, and Sports.
Pizza... Pasta... Grill... Salads... Catering...

Beer and Wine; and Soft Drinks.
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Lamppost Pizza in Davis is newly remodelled with widescreen plasma TVs to view our sports events. Three of the screens are dedicated to sports and a fourth usually tuned to programming for the kids. The remodelling has given us a large spacious dinning area. If anyone remembers the situation with the shopping center restrooms in the past, that now is now a distant memory.

To Beijing Summer Olympics 2008Watch the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing China at Lamppost Pizza in Davis. Visit the Olympics web site for countdown, scheduling and the latest about this event.

For special pricing for Group and Parties (like the DCN-DVM Netscape Clinic), Birthday Parties, or even tours for school and pre-school children of Lamppost Pizza's facilities, Call and Talk to Jim Mathews or Marilyn Brophy. Lamppost is a supporter of business on the Net and proud to be known as the first Pizza Parlor in Yolo County to go on-line with a website. This is one of two sites where VME holds FREE web authoring classes for those that want to learn the basics of HTML and building web pages. E-mail G. Richard Yamagata for details if you wish to attend a Lamppost HTML clinic.
We are a sponsor of the Virtual Valentine Generator from February 1 through the 14.

  • $27.99 Medium Pizza of choice, Spaghetti, Salad and Garlic Bread
  • $29.99 Large Pizza of choice, more Spaghetti, Salad and Garlic Bread
  • $31.99 X-Large Pizza of choice, even more Spaghetti, Salad and Garlic Bread
This Special is good on delivery, dine in or take out. This is not good in combination with any other offer.


For Directions to Lamppost Pizza at 1260 LAKE BLVD

DIAL 758-1111 "For Delivery and Information"

Lamppost Pizza is operated and owned by Marilyn Brophy; Jim and Linda Matthews.
The management and staff of Lamppost Pizza welcomes all returning students and wishes them the best for 2007-2008.

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  • Fundraising
  • Group Parties
  • Catering
  • Scrip
  • Team Parties
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