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Born June 30, 1942; Mobile, Alabama

B. S. in Physics June, 1964 Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Physics May, 1973 The Johns Hopkins University

Professional Experience


1995 - present
Systems and Network Manager for Davis Community Network, non-profit research, demonstration, and community service organization for promoting network-based civic activities.

1996 - 1998
Site Manager for University of California Davis Sun Technology & Excellence Center. Responsible for management and maintenance of computer laboratory in UCD Department of Political Science. Manage all technical aspects of various projects involving the use of high-performance servers and workstations and high-speed networks for implementing solutions in world, federal, state and local government.

1995 - 1997
Project manager for City of Davis, establishing "Electronic City Hall" to provide City information and services on the Internet, including implementation of World Wide Web (WWW) server, creation of HTML documents, training City staff in WWW publication, and creation of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs.

1994 - present
Independent Consultant: Technical project management; Computer system and network analysis, installation, and administration; system and application programming.

1993 - 1994
Director of Engineering, The University Research Network, Inc. (TURN): Responsible for technical design of medical and health fitness data recording and reporting devices. Coordinate efforts of team of engineers and programmers for prototype production and testing. Author technical specifications for manufacture.

1992 - 1993
Manager for Workstation Support, University of California at Davis, Information Technology/Technology Advancement & Resources (formerly Computing Support Services): Manage team of engineers, technicians, and programmer/analysts for hardware maintenance, system integration, operating system software support and general consulting for campus technical and administrative workstations, LAN servers, and large systems. (See also following item.)

1990 - 1992
Group Leader for Software and Engineering, University of California at Davis, Computing Support Services: Manage a small team of programmer/analysts for system integration, installation, and general consulting for campus departmental computers and local area networks. Principal campus contact for Sun Workstations; responsible for administration of site licensing of Sun Software Library. Provide consulting for SUN and VAX computer systems, SunOS, ULTRIX, and VMS operating systems. Site license administrator for ORACLE database software for DOS, OS/2, VMS, UNIX, Ultrix, and Sun.

1987 - 1989
Vice President for Engineering, Multiware, Inc., Davis, CA.: Supervised development of graphics software products for VAX and PDP-11 computers. Software architect and principal software engineer for Q-bus coprocessor operating system development.

1985 - 1986
Staff member at University of California, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Health Physics Group: Supervised development of instrumentation for personnel radiation dosimetry and environmental monitoring.

1979 - 1985
LANL, Instrumentation Technologies group: Supervised development of computerized transuranic radionuclide assay systems for environmental monitoring and low-density waste management. Assisted in development of portable instruments for data encryption, wide area nuclear radiation surveys, and tornado detection.

1973 - 1979
LANL, Biophysics and Instrumentation Group: Assisted in development of cell sorters and associated instrumentation for automated cytology. Investigated application of light scattering and Fourier optics as tools for morphologic analysis of biological cells. Developed computer programs for multiparameter data analysis and pattern recognition.

1972 - 1973
The Johns Hopkins University (JHU): Investigated magnetic properties of gamma-phase nickel-iron alloys at cryogenic temperatures with particular interest in the antiferromagnetic state of gamma-iron. (Ph.D Dissertation)

1970 - 1972
JHU: Designed and built superconducting magnet system suitable for Mössbauer spectroscopy.

JHU:Assisted in investigation of magnetic properties of ultrathin iron films by means of the Mossbauer effect.

Summer work at the Goddard Space Flight Center: Assisted in development of a conical radiometer that could measure, without reference to standards, incident radiant energy flux. Device subsequently used in Apollo lunar missions. Assisted in computer analysis of solar simulation tests.

JHU: Assisted in development of computer programs to simulate interactions of high-energy elementary particles with particular interest in lepton pair production. Assisted in design of interface between minicomputer and film scanning machines to facilitate analysis of high-energy bubble chamber photographs.

Summer work at the Engineering Experiment Station of the Georgia Institute of Technology: Investigated application of mathematical models of electronic noise to studies of atmospheric turbulence.

Academic Experience


Honors and Societies


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