Neil Levine's Resume

EXPERIENCE (brief synopsis, most recent first)

ACM Systems, Rancho Cordova, CA. Systems Engineer. In charge of high level system architectural design of complex data collection systems. Create project requirements, specifications, proposals, schedules and other related system documentation. Assist program managers in management and completion of projects. Provide technical direction and assistance to development teams regarding hardware, software and mechanical design.

Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA. Developed CLIENT/SERVER TCP/IP networking application in C under LINUX and ported it to SUN. Designed and wrote FIRMWARE in C to control a C251 microcontroller based memory emulation product. Also wrote the PC WINDOWS GUI host application for this product in VISUAL C++. Used VIEWLOGIC tools to design several PLD based interface and emulation boards for new generations of FLASH memory. Utilized ALTERA tools to design the PLD code. These boards interface to an EST68360 EMBEDDED systems processor board running VXWORKS RTOS. Used the WindRiver TORNADO development environment to develop extensive test suite software in C for silicon validation and system level testing. Helped others in group to come up to speed in using these memory and EMBEDDED processor boards in this environment.

J&W Scientific, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA. Modified HARDWARE and FIRMWARE for previously designed mass flowmeter to add new functionality and range. Designed I2C retrofit daughter card to add temperature and pressure measuring capabilities.

Innovative Technologies, Inc., Dublin, CA. Worked with a PCI framegrabber board to collect high speed data in real time. Designed an ARCNET based network controller card with SPI devices and wrote its FIRMWARE for use in an industrial manufacturing test system. Wrote high level drivers for this card in LABWINDOWS/CVI.

Campbell Soup Company, R&D Division, Davis, CA. Implemented a DOS based field data acquisition system for collecting tomato harvest data. Wrote in C, custom software for the operation and collection of data, including the direct collection of weight data from scales via RS-232.

Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, U.C. Davis. Developed an improved data acquisition and analysis system for in-vitro muscle testing based on the PC platform using LABVIEW software.

J&W Scientific, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA. Designed the HARDWARE and wrote the FIRMWARE in C for an 80C32 based digital gas mass flowmeter. In addition, I wrote the WINDOWS based calibration software using LABVIEW to test and calibrate this product prior to shipping.

Pacific Crest Technologies, Inc., Newport Beach, CA. Designed and wrote using VISUAL C++, the artificial intelligence portion of the "CARDGRABBER" business card scanner product software. This software automatically classifies OCR'd data into the proper database fields.

Woodside Electronics, Woodland, CA. Designed and programmed in C an optical electronic board calibration and test system based on an AT platform. This included the control of a stepper motor to present dynamic optical targets.

Fisher Productions, Los Angeles, CA. Programmed a Z-180 based microprocessor board in C to collect and store system use parameters until later downloaded to a PC through a serial port.

Z-World Engineering, Davis, CA. Edited and rewrote the technical manual describing this company's C compiler product.

Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, U.C. Davis. Developed an integrated C program that acquires, displays, and analyzes clinical muscle force and EMG data from human subjects.

Schilling Development, Davis, CA. Wrote in C, software to control the matrix LCD display of a robotic arm control module and a compiler-like program to monitor a high speed MANCHESTER serial data bus.

Dept. of Agronomy, U.C. Davis. Developed software in BASIC that extracted physical size parameters from a displayed video image used in a rice grain sizing and weighing analysis system.

Agrivision Engineering, Davis, CA. Designed an 80535 based microprocessor board used in various agricultural sorting machines including a high capacity olive color sorter. I also wrote in ASSEMBLY language the FIRMWARE to control this machine and others.

Loredan Biomedical, Davis, CA. Wrote in ASYST, a FORTH-like language, a data acquisition system for a back muscle testing machine. This involved data acquisition, storage, analysis and graphics.

Protostar Electronics, Tustin, CA. Utilized the Intel 80C31 in the design of the digital HARDWARE section for a state of the art bar code reader wand.

Humonics, Inc., Fairfield, CA. Designed the HARDWARE and wrote the FIRMWARE in ASSEMBLY language for an 80C31 based digital flowmeter family of products. Over 25,000 of these units have been sold and this product has become a standard in the gas chromatography industry. I also wrote data management software in PASCAL that enables flowmeter data to be input directly into an IBM compatible PC to implement chain of custody reports.

Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, U.C. Davis. Developed a microcomputer based data acquisition and experiment control system that stimulates two muscles in-vitro and collects developed tension data. This work involved Z-80 ASSEMBLY language and included the design of an S-100 compatible A/D, D/A and digital I/O board. I wrote in PASCAL, support software to display, edit, analyze and organize the collected data that has been the basis of numerous published research papers. I also adapted this system for in-vivo human studies. I computerized a neuromuscular disease drug testing program that included building specialized HARDWARE for on-site data entry. Other duties included contributions to research direction, database management and report generation as well as supervision of data entry personnel.

Dept. of Anesthesiology, U.C. Davis. Designed and constructed a very sensitive infant respiratory monitor capable of 0.1 cc tidal volume resolution.

Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Eng., California State University, Sacramento.. Taught an upper division analog circuits course.

Self Employed. Designed and constructed an easy-to-use calibration device for transcutaneous electrical nerve (TENS) and muscle stimulators.

Dept. of Anesthesiology, U.C. Davis. Designed three electronic medical instruments that measure various cardiac parameters for experimental use in the operating room. 1) A non-invasive device that calculates two systolic time intervals- QF and PEP. 2) A more automatic version of the above device which determines QF only and 3) a microprocessor based (8085) instrument that calculates the Endocardial Viability Ratio (EVR) and Rate Pressure Product (RPP) in real-time.


M.S., Biomedical Engineering. University of California, Davis. 3.8 GPA. Emphasis in digital electronics, computer hardware and software, human physiology.

B.A., Special Major. San Diego State University. Graduated with Honors. Individualized course of study concentrating in electrical engineering, mathematics, and biology.


I have been granted 2 patents, #4,879,907 for a digital gas flowmeter and #4,954,817 for a new kind of computer mouse.

Awarded a National Institute of Health fellowship while attending U.C. Davis. Administered through the Dept. Of Human Physiology, this fellowship provided tuition fees and a monthly stipend