Neil and Jackie's New Home

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The Beginning

We signed the purchase agreement when the house was just bare dirt. This is the way it appeared in April 1999. Yes, that is a golf course, we are not on the course but have a clear view of it from our second floor.

Framing began mid July. Here are the roof joists.

There were a few boo-boos, such as plumbing pipes coming up in the den, instead of inside a wall.

The duct work eeled it's way through the attic areas

We left our initials in the slab of our new home, look at the very center of the picture. The water heater ended up covering our initials.

They had told us that once the cabinets arrived on site they would finish within one month. Cabinets arrived at the end of September. They didn't finish until late November. By the way, that's our garage.

The Finished House

The new homeowners.

A view of the dining room from the front entrance

Kitchen and dinette area. The door is for the wonderful walk-in pantry.

The master bath, very partial view. There are his and her sinks. The picture is taken at the door to the walk-in closet.

Powder room. Ok, not very exciting, but I like the flooring.

Second floor landing with lots of built in storage.

Guest room. There is a guest bath down the hall, not pictured

The workout room, and room for more guests

Neil's office, it's cleaner now

Jackie's office, and home to most of her elephant collection

The lawn's first cut

Not pictured are the family room, living room, den, master bedroom, and guest bathroom.

Please come visit us. Send a message to Jackie or Neil