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Welcome to Mother's Board
Alternative to the Davis Community Network.
Cool Site of the Day
Need we say more!


The place to go for access to book related web sites.
Future Fantasy Bookstore
U.S. Gazetteer
Actually this site lets you create maps for any where in the U.S.A, at any scale. Also includes demographic info from the last census.

Educational Institutionz

Welcome to UC Davis
Levant cultural multimedia servers
Access to lots of information on the Middle East.
Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln

Electronicz (Our Bread and Butter)


CAN: Controller Area Network
The place to look for info in CAN.
The Controller Network Club
ODVA - The Open DeviceNet's Vendor Association
DeviceNet is an outgrowth of CAN, this is the place to go for the complete specification.
Real-Time Communications with CAN
Hypertext document.


Digi-Key Corporation
Still getting started, you can download sections of the catalog as PDF files, but you can't check on availability. No data sheets.
Marshall on the Internet
A better site for data sheets, also provides price and availability for parts they stock.


Control and instrumentation for industry. PLC's and other devices, supporting a number of different network protocols.
Harris Semiconductor
Good source for data sheets.
Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Welcome to Intel
Microchip Technology
Source of Opal Sun's favorite microcontrollers, PIC chips.
Motorola World-Wide-Web Server
Very good source for data sheets, books and other literature. You can have a decument faxed to you if it is not available as PDF file.
Welcome to National Semiconductor
Excellent set of data sheets.
Welcome to Parallax, Inc.
Development tools for PIC devces.
Philips Electronics N.V. Corporate Home Page
Samtec, Inc.


EE Times Glossary
Need to look up an electronics term, look no further.
EE/CS Mother Site
Great list of electronicz related zites.
Electrical Engineering -- Univ. Neb-Lincoln
Another good resourze.
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms
More definitions, pointed at Harris Semiconductor products.


Dirty Linen
Folk/World Music Magazine.
The Palms Public Playhouse
The place to go for culture in Davis. Folk, blues, comedy, and other styles in an intimate venue.
Welcome to Spatula City!
Need a spatula, this is the place to go.
Tokyo Food Page


Census TMS Home Page
Another link to the Gazeteer.
Consumer Information Center
All sorts of useful info.
Links to other Federal Government Sites


Welcome to PBS ONLINEŽ
Newton's Apple
Another scienze zite.


The Comic Strip
Computer News Daily
Electronic Buyers' News
Welcome to The Home Office Hub
Internet Week
Kathmandu Post
Mercury Center
News from Reuters Online
Sensors Magazine
Yahoo - News:International

Zearch Toolz

DejaNews Research Service
Search engine.
Research Links to Other Internet Resources
Scienze related links.
The mother of all Net Linkz.


NCA Computer Products
Shop for computer related products.


Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
Source for Acrobat PDF file viewer. PDF files are the way most data sheets are distributed on the web.
Welcome to Netscape
Our favorite browzer.

WelcomeDavis Community Network
Input and suggestions are always welcome at opalsun@dcn.davis.ca.us
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