Holmes Junior High Music Department
First Quarter Grading Requirements
Concert Bands

You may do the Second Quarter Grading Requirements (after having checked off all of the First Nine Weeks requirements)

Grades are calculated based on performance in three areas; Musicianship, Practice Sheets, and Daily Classwork. Each area is worth one-third of the total grade. If you are a Percussionist substitute the Musicianship for Percussionists in place of regular Musicianship.

Musicianship is the ability of an individual to perform at a particular level of proficiency.

NOTE: Every student will provide a cassette tape to start a portfolio of these requirements. Taping will be done in class almost everyday.

By using the "TIPPS for Bands" method book by Nilo W. Hovey, Copyright 1959 by BELWIN, Inc.
  1. Play four scales, up and down at m.m. [quarter note]=120
  2. Play # 28 in the "TIPPS" book
  3. Play rhythm patterns 1-48 in "TIPPS" back cover
  4. Play any one of the following - # 101, # 102, # 103 or # 104
  5. "Check-off" any music given by the instructor. (A letter grade will be given for this requirement.)

Practice Sheets
Practice Sheets, (COUNTED AS HOMEWORK!) must be turned in once a week on Fridays for one-third of your grade. For an "A" grade, you must practice at least 100 minutes. Extra minutes may be added for extra credit and can be used for any weeks practice not previously turned in. (Up to 300 minutes only!)

Daily Classwork and Classroom Participation
This means different things to different students...If you don't know what a perfect student does in class, ask Mr. Gonzalez.

Musicianship for Percussion Players
  1. Play #3 above PLUS the 6/8 time rhythms. (In other words, all of the 4/4 and 6/8 patterns!)
  2. The five and nine stroke rolls page given to you.
  3. Play three scales on the bells.
  4. Perform 8 "rudiments" (of the standard twenty-six) listed on page 2 of Belwin's First Division Method, Part Two. At least three of these rudiments have to be rolls.
  5. Play # 5 above.

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