YARS VHF QSO Party, September 2001

"Contest Peak" - Fiske Lake Road south of County Road 40
Robert Schulz

Most files are reduced to 50% (about 1/4 the size) of the originals, medium JPEG quality.
Animated GIF frames are reduced to 30% of the originals, and set at 128 colors, original pictures were taken at 1 minute intervals, animation plays at 2 frames per second, 88 frames.

P0010225 P0010226 P0010227 P0010229 P0010230 P0010231
P0010225.jpg P0010226.jpg P0010227.jpg P0010229.jpg P0010230.jpg P0010231.jpg
P0010232 P0010233 P0010234 P0010235 P0010237 P0010238
P0010232.jpg P0010233.jpg P0010234.jpg P0010235.jpg P0010237.jpg P0010238.jpg
P0010239 P0010241 P0010237
P0010239.jpg P0010241.jpg Animation-128.gif   (large file - 1.1 Mb)