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Last Updated 6/10/03
April 1998

What should one do with a personal web page? What are they good for? Good questions. I don't know that I've come up with a particularly good answer for myself.

Most people put some sort of biographical information about themselves, so I might as well to the same, I suppose. And this will actually serve a specific need I have. I tend to spend a lot of time on line, and am frequently meeting people on line, via e-mail. I find that I am often repeating the same "my story" over and over, so I can put it here, and just point people to read about me here, if they wish.

But where to start? What to include? I'd love to be able to tell my whole life story, but that would take months to write, and I'm just not that motivated, as fun as I would probably find such an endeavor. Instead, I believe I will write about what has been the focus of my life: my "coming out."


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