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Sandi Redenbach, M.Ed.


Staff Developer
Keynote Speaker
Life Coach


Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence
From At-Risk to At-Promise
Using Brain Research in the Classroom
Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
Effective Parenting Strategies

Books Include

Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence:
     The Necessary Ingredients For Success

Autobiography of a Drop-out:
       Dear Diary
       Companion Lesson Plans; grades 4-12

Innovative Discipline:
       Managing Your Own Flight Plan

The Road Map to Consulting:
       An Educator's Guide

We provide workshops, including staff development training, printed resources and education resources designed to esteem and empower educators, students, parents, business constituents and community members.

The teaching and learning tools offered in our catalog and our various carefully designed trainings, provide the most effective up-to-date information available to insure excellence in 21st century education and leadership.

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