Lower Home Energy in Davis, California

Little Green Tree graphicAs a home owner it is important for you to understand that your home is built as an operable system. If one component fails others may have to work harder to provide you with the comfort you deserve. At Lower Home Energy we pride ourselves with the success of providing energy efficient opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and also lower your home's energy.


Do you want your home to be more energy efficient?


Do you want to know if your home has levels of carbon monoxide that exceed the standard limits?Carbon Monoxide Test

Wouldnĺ─˘t you like to know if your combustion appliances are venting combustion gases properly?

These are some questions that you should know about the home you are buying or the home you own.




What a Home Energy Audit can do for you

A home energy auditBlower Home Test is the first step If you are ready to make these changes for a greener life. A home energy audit will focus on the health, safety, and efficiency of your home by conducting several testing measures to provide you with a complete report and guideline to making your home energy efficient. Rising utility costs, growing demand for energy efficiency, concerns about the environment and economic uncertainty have led to billions of dollars in federal, state and local energy programs. Now is the time to act and make it more affordable to live comfortably in your home through energy conservation. For a detailed description with more information on the energy audit process click on the energy audit process link. This will provide you with a step by step approach so you can understand how your home uses energy and to view your home as a system.


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