Team Approach

While James Burchill and Associates, Inc. started out as a one man shop, it has grown to encompass many different individuals. Today, James Burchill and Associates, Inc. consists of an office staffed with experienced researchers who make sure that our information is always up-to-the-minute and that we have a complete view of the situation before making decisions. This helps insure that our clients get the best advice possible. Moreover, here at JBA we frequently employ local independent consultants to give us a specialized edge that best serves our clients. This team approach gives us adaptability unlike any other firm. James Burchill and Associates, Inc. is able to change along with the environment it works in and keep pace with a constantly evolving community or industrial climates. Clients who use James Burchill and Associates, Inc. receive both professional advice from Jim and also the full support of the JBA researchers and expert consultants.

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