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Digital Bubble Gas Flowmeter

Gas Bubble Flowmeter

The Optiflow 500, one of the original digital volumetric gas bubble flowmeters, was developed in the mid 1980's to fill the need for an inexpensive digital bubblemeter for the gas chromatography industry. It quickly became a standard in this industry, replacing older well known and time consuming methods of calculating flow. Units have operated in the field for 15 years without problem.

Gas and Liquid Flowmeters

These flowmeters are offshoots of the original, based on similar principles to address needs in other industries. This included units with higher gas flow range for use in the air sampling industry, lower flow range for more exacting measurements, as well as units to measure liquid flow for the liquid chromatography industry.

Digital Bubble Gas and Liquid Flowmeters

Digital Mass Gas Flowmeter

Mass Flowmeter

The Veriflow 500, based on the mass flow principle,   measures mass flow of Air, Nitrogen, Argon Methane, Hydrogen and Helium. It was developed in 1995 to address various user requirements for the gas chromatography industry.  This unit allows continuous flow, linear velocity or split ratio measurement and its integrated computer interface is capable of  long term data logging and instrument control.

Business Card Scanner

For the award winning CardGrabber business card scanner, NAL Consulting developed the code which enables the application software, once a text scan is obtained, to classify the scanned text  into the proper data base fields to reduce the amount of manual data entry required from the user.

Card Grabber Scanner and Awards

Veriflow Calibration Software

Calibration Software

This is a screen shot of the Veriflow calibration system software developed in Labview for the Veriflow mass flowmeter. It allows up to 6 units to be calibrated at one time with up to 4 different gases. Each unit communicates with the calibration computer via its own serial port. It also allows the assigning of serial numbers and the printing of calibration certificates. Calibration data is kept in a database and can be reviewed at any time.

Windows GUI and Embedded Firmware

This is a screen capture of the Chameleon software written in Visual C++. This program allows the user to configure and control a flash memory emulator developed at Intel, Inc. The user can download code and data as well as firmware updates. The emulated memory contents can be displayed and edited. Along with this application, NAL Consulting wrote the firmware code in C which resides on the emulator which enables all emulation and communication functions.

Chameleon Flash Memory Emulator Software

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