Here we are at the end of the old campaign trail, and thanks are due to the many wonderful people who got me here.

First and forever foremost, my husband, John Oakley, who wrote dozens of enormous checks, suffered an equal number of candidate crises and lived for months under siege. What a blessing to be partners with such a stalwart. Thanks, John.

To our daughters Adelie and Antonia, thank you for your encouragement. And especially to Toni for all those weekends at the Farmer's Market and walking precincts.

Tony Bernhard was responsible for every single element of the best, smartest campaign ever conducted. His vision, skill, and strategic genius got me on track and kept me on track. In fact, Tony designed and built the track. From the graphics that he designed, to the mail campaign he prescribed, right through the TV spots that he wrote, filmed, edited, produced and distributed, Tony was the engine that made the campaign go. His great kindness and compassion, his generosity and wisdom sustained our entire campaign. We are all grateful to Tony.

Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto is a man of his word, and I doubt I could calculate the benefit of his contribution to our effort. Timothy J. Howe volunteered his tremendous skill and experience as a campaign consultant. Thanks, Tim; you still haven't lost an election in Yolo County! Mayra Mendoza was a wonderful campaign coordinator. On the job 24-7 and a very willing heart, what a gal! Holly Snyder is officially the world's greatest mail director. She kept the mail going out almost single-handedly. No one else had to give it a thought. What a break! Dave Edwards, Bruce Mackenzie and Steve Souza, The Sign Men – these are stand up guys; I am really lucky to count them among my supporters.

To my wonderful friends and neighbors who contributed generously, hosted lawn signs, called with encouragement, hosted fundraisers and walked precincts – there is no way to express my gratitude. What a miserable, lonely life it would be without people like you in it. Barb Patenaude on the database, Nancy and Mike Adams in the kitchen and the bar, Karen and Carl Eilers and Paula and Dave Cooper as hosts, all the Annie Oakley Sharpshooters – thank you so much. To Richard Reid of Reid Web Design, thank for my beautiful web site; our community is lucky to have you here.
To my friends in the choir at FBC, you were my core support group and your prayers and humor were the very breath the Holy Spirit when I was feeling down.

Finally, I cannot say enough about the dedication and steadfast purpose of the staff that I am blessed to work with daily in the Clerk/Recorder's Office. No matter what the challenges, these folks show up every day, frequently for very long hours, and support each other in jobs that are more difficult and more complicated than any of us appreciate. Notwithstanding the tremendous burden of fatigue and the raw uncertainty of not knowing who their boss would be at the end of the day, these women and men carry on with professionalism at jobs that demand perfection. Every candidate and every voter should appreciate their work. I am especially grateful – they make me look good every day.

I am grateful to the voters of Yolo County who have reposed a grave trust in me. I will do my very best to merit the confidence you have shown. Democracy depends on everyone; I aim to do my part.

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