The Yolo County Clerk/Recorder's Office is really three offices: the Clerk, The Recorder and the Elections Office.

The Clerk's office receives and files vital statistics, such as birth and death records, fictitious business names and marriage licenses. As the Clerk, we also perform weddings, and have many other responsibilities.

The Recorder's office is the official repository for all of the records relating to property ownership in Yolo County.

The Elections Office maintains the voter rolls, plans for and conducts elections in the county.

I am proud of our performance in all of these areas. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide excellent customer service.

We are committed to being a user-friendly, efficient operation that protects the privacy and security of your votes and your vital records.

The Grand Jury investigated the Elections Office for their 2001 report and found that there is no need to replace our voting system, which the Grand Jury characterized as "accurate and reliable," and that the Elections Office is "assiduous in its efforts to ensure fair, accurate elections in Yolo County." The Grand Jury also commended us for our extensive continuing education of Elections staff.

I aim to maintain this high level of reliable service for the future. I will achieve this by carefully listening to and working with our customers, continuing the professional education of staff, maintaining and updating our excellent management tools, and investigating and testing new technology as it becomes available.


Thank you!

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