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Welcome to Opal Sun Softweare's homepage! This is the first of many (we hope), so please be patient as this new artform is explored. Opal Sun's purpose is to illuminate and explore many different viewpoints of the world around us. Not just with the bright white light of reason, but with the Opal's diffracted and broken hues. Opal sun will be searching out weird newz and strange scienze, providing commentries and linkz that we hope you will find enlightening. The goal is to update the entire zite every week, so check in often. Please feel free to comment and add your own colours to our palate. (OH MY, what a crock of ..........)

WEIRD NEWZ will be dredged from the far reaches of the world and presented here for your edification and enjoyment. This late (from a month ago) breaking newz flash... Hindu idols have started drinking ...milk. That's right folks, a number of different gods (Shiva, his consort Parvati and their son, the portly elephant-headed Ganesh) have started accepting bovine offerings from their followers, prompting a run on milk in India and Singapore. Reports are that even the idols in New York are slaking their oh so stony thirsts. Benefits from these grateful gods include good luck and fulfilled wishes. I guess the "Got Milk" campaign is getting to everyone.

Check out the news from the top of the world with the Kathmandu Post. Want to brush up on any number of foreign languages, just peruse any of these international publications. And of course a picture is worth a thousand words, so get your dose of the daily funnyz .

STRANGE SCIENZE will explore odd new worldz and boldly go where no one has bothered to go before. Some worldz are as near as your local hospital. Did you know that makers of breast implantz will be embedding a microchip in each bag of vegetable oil (the latest and greatest substitute for silicon.) Then a doctor (or anyone else) can use a scanner, like those used to identify pets, to read data from the implant. Talk about a bionic woman!

These implantz are supposed to allow the company to track manufacture and implantation dates. Plans are to add these little ID chips to everything that gets implanted. Just think about it, every one who goes in for an operation gets a serial number. A number that can be read by gates like those that check for shoplifters. Parents this is even better than getting the kiddies finger printed, take Fido, Fluffy, and Joey into the vet and never have to worry about finding them again. Big Brother closer than you think!

In search of scienze for yourself...find out about some of our less welcome house guests. Scienze and the web meet at the Zippy Zone (web zurfing will never be the same). Keep up with the latest on Space Station Alpha. Gee Whiz, isn't that a great name for our next leap into space. Maybe Opal Sun needs to run a "Name That Space Station" contest, watch this space for details.

LINKZ lets you check out where Opal Sun has been zurfing the web. Sorted into categories and with notes, just step this way to continue your travelz.

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