You may choose to find out a bit about my growing up or about some of the things below that I am (or have been) involved or interested in.

I have an incomplete a Family History record on line and a more detailed Hance History. But this web presentation gives no clues to the fun I am having in the never-easy search for ancestors. Nor does it suggest in any way the enjoyment I get in learning about them and the places where they lived.

Links to things that interest or involve me:

  • A week in Britain in Aug-Sep 2003

  • I've started making "Artist Trading Cards" and having a lot of fun with them

  • My cousin John Davenport has a site named jdportraits.

  • I developed in 1995 and maintained for 14 years the web site for Explorit Science Center in Davis. In 2009 the Center staff took over and created a new site using a Plone contact management system. Some of the material that I created during the 14 years is still available.

  • I have learned a bit of JavaScript - if you wish you may take a detour into my JavaScript Test Site!

  • For two years I was a member of the Youth & Education Subcommittee of the City of Davis 1994-6 General Plan Update;

  • and have been a member for several years of the Davis Community Network (DCN)

  • and I occasionally volunteer for DCN as a trainer/instructor for general Q&A sessions and WebPage making courses for which I've developed some Internet Help pages.

  • Also, a while ago I put together a simple list of some Resources for Seniors (feedback about the links on this draft page is welcome.)

  • More recently, with several local Davisites, I've helped to organise an Internet Users Group. One of the group's projects is augmenting an annotated list (annotated by Club Members) of Search Engines that I started in April 1999.

I was involved years ago in the foundation of:

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