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Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy Local Business Outreach Program

"Bringing Business and the Environment Together"

Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy is a local non-profit land trust, established in 1989 for the organization, protection and preservation of Quail Ridge Reserve. Its goals are to complete the financing of the various parcels which comprise the Reserve and to promote educational activities and research on the Reserve.

About Quail Ridge Reserve:

Quail Ridge Reserve (QRR) overlooking Lake Berryessa in Napa County, CA, is one of the few nearly unscathed natural areas left in the California Coast Range supporting significant stands of oak trees and bunch-grasses. The Reserve is also home to many other native plants and animals.

The Reserve is comprised of complex biological communities that are of special interest to biologists and ecologists who wish to study still functioning ecosystems, in part to better understand what might be done to restore damaged areas elsewhere. The Reserve is also of interest to educators who wish their students to experience first-hand native California Coast Range habitat. And it is of interest to the general public, as a site where people can see the beauty and feel the tranquility of undisturbed natural California landscapes. The Reserve is one of 36 reserves in the state designated as natural reserves of the University of California.

Helping Children in Local Schools:

Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy (QRWC) is now involved with local businesses to extend environmental education to schools. We offer in-service programs for K-12 teachers at a school or schools of your choice. Through the training provided in this program teachers will be better positioned to teach children about native California habitats and their significance for maintaining the integrity of the state’s ecosystems.

The donation for this half-day or full-day program is only $500, which is a tax-deductible donation to QRWC. Volunteers for the Conservancy do the preparatory work. This program affords contributors the dual opportunity of enhancing children’s environmental education while helping to preserve an important expanse of California wilderness. Your business (or you) will be listed as a sponsor in our literature, giving you additional visibility in the community.

Other Projects You May Participate in:

Sponsor QRWC’s video or DVD about Quail Ridge Reserve. The Conservancy has recently released an informative and beautifully filmed documentary videoor DVD on the California Inner Coast Range; the packet includes a teaching outline. We request a $20 donation per copy. If your business donates $100, $500,or $1000, we can distribute 5, 25, or 50 copies, respectively, to that many schools, clubs and libraries.

Plan a special interpretive walk. In addition to our normally scheduled walks, we can schedule for your business a special walk on Quail Ridge Reserve. The walks are slow-paced and offer breath-taking views of the lake in the distance and the near pristine oak forest up close. Donations for these events (after costs) go to Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy for its preservation work on the Reserve.

Sponsor a weeding/clean-up rally. Your business can sponsor a weeding or clean-up rally on Quail Ridge Reserve. This program offers a great opportunity for your business to get involved in an excellent public relations project.


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