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This 27-minute video or DVD is a rich resource for teaching children about the environment and local history. Quail Ridge reserve covers a very special area, which is, in essence, a microcosm of greater California. This beautifully narrated and magnificently filmed video/DVD explores one of California’s most spectacular tracts of land. The native trees, flowers and grasses are artistically, yet simply, positioned to highlight their importance to the people of California. Stressed also is the responsibility of maintaining and, when necessary, restoring the natural balance of the land.

The video/DVD is broken into four important divisions: the summer section covers the Native American inhabitants of these lands; autumn tells the story of the early Mexican settlers to California; the winter section covers the town of Monticello and the creation of Lake Berryessa in 1957; while the final spring section discusses Quail Ridge Reserve today.

Teachers and parents who wish to use this video/DVD as a teaching aid might wish to break it up into segments, depending on the age of the children watching. Younger children, through 6th grade, should probably view one section per sitting, with time to discuss what was seen and to share their impressions.

Middle school students could probably handle watching half of the video/DVD at a time. Junior high students might have visited the Lake Berryessa area and should be encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences.

High school students and adults should view the video/DVD in one sitting. They might then enjoy an outing to the area to learn more about the efforts concerned citizens make to preserve areas of outstanding beauty and history.

We know you will enjoy viewing this video/DVD. The information given is specific, yet not overwhelming. It may be viewed simply for pleasure as a work of art, or it may be viewed for the information given. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

The video/DVD teaches and informs us of a local example of the world’s natural magnificence and beauty, and the challenges humans face in securing this beauty for future generations. Confronting these challenges requires the effort of committed individuals and groups, and funds to help them in their work. Contributions to Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy, the land trust established to work for the protection of the Reserve depicted in the video/DVD, will be used to continue our educational and preservationist activities.

You may obtain a copy of the video or DVD for a donation of $20 or by becoming a $50-level -- (family) member in Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy.

To order, please contact us at:

TEL: 530/758-1387
CEL: 530/219-4477
FAX: 530/758-1316
E-mail: frankmaurer41@gmail.com
Regular mail: 25344 County Road 95, Davis, CA 95616-9735

We are not able at present to process credit card orders, but will gladly
accept personal checks or money orders.

You can view a sampling of our videos now on-line at YouTube.Com. Just click on the links below to see our educational videos. If you want a better picture, better color and sound, you can purchase our video DVDs.


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