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A variety of support options exist in Yolo County for
families of adults, youth and children with psychiatric disorders.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  NAMI programs should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of mental health professionals. We cannot, and will not, assume
the role of a physician or therapist. NAMI cannot be held responsible for the use of the information we provide. Please always consult a trained mental health professional before making any decision regarding treatment of yourself or others

A Support Group for Families of People with Serious Mental Illness
Free of Charge.Registration not required.

 2nd and 4th Sundays, 1:30-3:00 pm
Woodland Memorial Hospital Cafeteria Main Conference Room
 1325 Cottonwood, Woodland CA

Group is on hiatus.
For information contact NAMI-Yolo Helpline (530) 756-8181

Family Support groups are designed for the relatives (18 and over) of people who experience mental illness. The groups are led by trained family members of people who experience mental illness. Meetings are confidential -- share as much or as little personal information as you want.

Reinforcement in an environment of sincere, uncritical acceptance
At each meeting, you review the Group Guidelines and Principles of Support and update the group on the current events in your life, then spend the bulk of the meeting in group discussion, or ‘group work’. The group addresses urgent issues of its members and participants share their learned experience, or ‘group wisdom’. As a participant, your voice is heard, and you can contribute to a dynamic that encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community.

Tools for caring for yourself and for your loved one
The support group can offer you practical advice on addressing issues related to mental illness and your loved one. It also gives you the appropriate space to have your personal needs met so that you can provide the best possible care for your family member. Taking time to voice your experiences and to hear from others may help you develop your inner reserves of strength. You may gain confidence in your ability to cope with your family member’s mental illness as well as local knowledge on how to best access needed services for your family member.

What Others Say About NAMI Family Support Group
“The most beneficial thing for me was that I am not alone. I found the NAMI Family Support Group at the time I really needed it!”

Family Support Group Flyer


Adults  NAMI-Yolo Helpline (530) 756-8181
  Information and referral for families of adults with psychiatric disorders.    Leave a message with our answering service along with a phone number where you can be reached.  A NAMI member will get in touch with you with help, information and support
Adults  HOPELINE (916) 922-5122

Helpline (24/7) with *local* resources for people with addictions and their families.

Senior Caregivers The Friendship Line (800) 971-0016

Free telephone counseling, support, reassurance, crisis intervention sponsored by the Institute on Aging and the Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health.

Call-in services  provide free, confidential  telephone discussions for caregivers as well as for seniors in need.

Call-out Service:
  Friendship Line Staff or Trained Volunteers will make phone calls to older adults for emotional support.  These calls can be arranged by phoning Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
  -  Institute on Aging Connect:  415-750-4111
  -  Yolo County Mental Health Services Act: 530.666.8712

Children and Youth Warmline Family Resource Center  Phone (M-F 9am -4pm)
         (530) 406-7221
         (916) 922-9276
         (800) 660-7995